At first anal sex was a definite no with my wife

At first anal sex was a definite no with my wife. She made it quite clear from the start and I never bothered raising the issue. One night during some play she was laying on her front as I was fingering her pussy and I leant forward, parted her legs and licked her anus; it just seemed like the right thing to do at the time. As I did this I thought she would either be turned off or make a comment about ‘not going there’ but instead she responded by pulling herself up on to her knees and bending right over, I licked her anus more and used plenty of saliva as I started to push my tongue further in to her.

After doing this for around 5 mins I took some of the lube I had been using on her pussy and gently rubbed it on to and around her anus, I used plenty of it and slowly and very very gently passed my fingers around her anus sliding them around in the lube and she asked me to carry on in a very turned on and sexy voice. After a while I took a beep breath and really gently started to put ONE finger in her anus, I was waiting for the ‘dont do that’ but all she did was move herself nearer me and pushing my finger farther inside, I was surprised to say the least but carried on with this, then with more lube and again very slowly I pushed two fingers in.

She started to move herself forward and back on my fingers so I moved them in and out as if I were fucking her, at this point she became super aroused and was moving faster banging her cheeks on my hand, I used my other hand to rub and finger her pussy and she just went wild, pulling at the bed sheets and shouting ‘yes yes’ and I can’t tell you how amazed I was, this continued until she had an orgasm and laid back on the bed, she was bright red with panting, about 2 mins later she was asleep.

The next time we had sex I did the same as before except this time I took the courage to penetrate her and one thing that made her scream ‘fuck me fuck me’ was having my dick in her ass and my fingers in her pussy, I came so hard in her anus that I was out cold in no time. On the third occasion we had the usual foreplay, some pussy and anal fingering then she broke her own second rule. She gives a great blowjob no problem but I never ever came while she did it. This time she sucked me until I could not hold on any longer and I told her I was going to cum but she just kept sucking until she had the whole lot in her mouth. I have no idea why things suddenly changed like this but let me tell you I ain’t complaining.

I’d had anal sex before (with a girlfriend who found vaginal intercourse uncomfortable and actually preferred anal), but it was another girlfriend’s anal initiation that really stands out in my memory. I would often finger her asshole as I ate her out or when we fucked. She always seemed to dig it, but I was still surprised how readily she agreed when I suggested we give anal a try. She grabbed some moisturizing lotion to use as lube (which I guess isn’t recommended, but we didn’t know any better, and no harm seems to have come of it). I began to go down on her — thinking an orgasm might relax her and make the next part easier — but she was excited to get to it. She slurped at my dick, finding me rock hard already — I was excited to get to it, too — then turned away, presenting her ass.

I lubed her hole with lotion, dipped a finger in, then two, nothing new for us. Then I smoothed some lotion onto my cock and placed the head at her asshole. Leaning into her gently, I slid in with ease. She gasped as my cock stretched her, not a gasp of pain but of pleasure. I withdrew slightly, then slowly slid all the way into her. “Oh my god,” she breathed, pushing herself back onto me. We had started with her on hands and knees, me kneeling behind, but gradually wound up with us both kneeling upright and pumping together. I reached around and squeezed her breasts with one hand.

Her nipples were harder than I’d ever felt them. With my other hand I reached down to play with her pussy. I couldn’t believe how stimulated she was. Her clit was engorged beyond anything I’d seen before, sticking out like a tiny penis. I dipped my fingers into her sopping slit and stroked her rock-hard clit between a slippery thumb and finger, jacking it off like a little cock as I pumped in and out of her ass. She had always been the most orgasmic sex partner of my experience, but I’d never felt her cum before quite as powerfully as she did then, and we came together, me shooting off deep inside as her sphincter muscle spasmed around my cock.

Collapsing to the bed, breathless, we remained spooned together as I slowly melted inside her. She said she felt incredibly full with my cock up her ass and enjoyed her first time so much she suggested anal again when next we got together. Sadly the repeat performance wasn’t anywhere near as magical for either of us. We never tried anal again after that and broke up before long (for other reasons), but I still remember my ex’s anal initiation as the #1 highlight of my sex life.

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Handy Shoppers’ Tool – Online Product Reviews

The internet is currently the hub of all useful and up-to-date information. Indeed, a lot of people spend time on the internet either working, dating, surfing, or shopping. The latter is far more prevalent due to the convenience and the ability to make great deals with affordable items. Indeed, you can make your purchase with just a click of the mouse, thus saving you on car fuel from having to drive to and from your house. Online shops are built for user-friendly navigation and it is a great time saver since you no longer have to wait in queue just to get your items paid. However, there are also a lot of downsides to buying items online such as the lack of opportunity to test or examine the product for you. Hence, online product reviews sites came in to provide assistance to online shoppers and increase the level of satisfaction when buying.

There are two useful tools available for the online shopper to make more effective online purchases: price comparison sites and online product reviews. Since the internet boomed in the late 90’s, there was an expansion of several businesses online such that they provide a centralized area for reaching their worldwide market. This has enabled consumers to conveniently enjoy online shopping and you can enjoy great deals. But for this purpose, focus must be given on the benefit of using online product reviews when buying.

You can find useful product reviews from trusted review sites that offer specialized information on certain niches. As with price comparison sites, online product reviews are intended mainly for educating the consumer about the best choice available to them. With a wide range of options and the accessibility of these products, it can be quite easy for one to be tempted to buying items they readily see. But the real question is, was it worth spending your money for? Online product reviews sites aim to avoid that question being answered with a “no”.

One must therefore begin the ability to enjoy its benefits by conducting a research on sites that offer reliable and honest reviews. You can access interactive pages that are highly comprehensible to make it easier to get the information one needs. The beauty about these product reviews is that they offer more than just price listings but an extensive amount of information to ensure that all aspects of the product are examined. Indeed, the aim here is to lay out the information – positive or negative – about a product’s features and functionality, with the objective of weighing whether the positive outnumber the negative.

As much as you’d like to invest on finding accurate reviews that provide significant information about a product you intend to buy, you must also provide that same amount of priority in finding these reliable sites. There are literally thousands of online product reviews sites on the internet, such that it is easy to fall victim to fake reviews. With these handy tools available, online shopping has gotten much easier without having to worry about the quality of the product you purchased upon arriving at your doorstep.

Product Review Writer

Today, online marketing niche is one of the best spirited, successful & profitable niches on the Internet. There are several products on the Internet that are being launched for marketing purpose almost every week or so. The demand is sky-scraping for one simple way to make some fast and extra income is through product review writing for products sold online and promoting them as an affiliate. A product review writers can also earn a high page ranking on search engine and great traffic to that website.

Consumer review writers create reviews, which are one of the best ways of marketing a product or promoting a service. Reviews will illustrate your familiarity and expertise in a business industry. The product can be the writer’s own product or another company’s. The writer must always write an honest review as it imparts great significance. Many experts suggest that the review must be written for the newly invented or you can say the newly launched product to earn a decent SEO page ranking and at the same time it can engage traffic to your Website. This is an effective and impressive style of earning through a Google AdSense program.

One habit a consumer review writer must adopt is the use of friendly, relaxed, and informal style of writing. Each time when a product review writer is writing a review for a product he must always think about the readers as his basic job is to convert the readers into customers. The review should not be a blatant sales pitch. Instead, it should talk about potential benefits to using the product or service.

Increasing Your Business with Product Reviews

A testimonial can be a wonderful thing for your business. Almost all successful companies use testimonials of some kind to show what they are saying about their business and products is the truth.

What good are product reviews?

– Give an unbiased review of a product
Sometimes we get so excited about our business, when we talk about our products it starts to sound like an ad. By giving the customer a chance to look at an unbiased review from someone that has nothing to gain from their recommendation, it gives the customer more faith.

– Better decision for the customer
Maybe they have questions or concerns about the product which they don’t want to bother contacting anyone about. Some people are very quiet, and like to see what others are saying about certain things. By allowing them to read a review, you are giving them the chance to see the product from a non-ad side. They may or may not buy, but the main point is you’ll have much more happy, valuable customers.

– Give suggestions to potential customers
Have you ever gone to a website and got lost in all the products? In an offline store, sales people can help point you in the direction of some interesting items. Online this isn’t the case. Product reviews can offer that “suggestion” and point customers in the direction of those interesting products.

– Show your personality
In bigger direct sales companies, the competition between reps can be unreal. Having a product review written about you and your products can help bring your personality out. If a potential customer sees you as a recommended rep with reasons why, the chances of them going to you for their needs with this company is greater.

How do I get a review?

There’s several different ways to have a product review written about you and your business. Some ideas include:

– Family or Friends

Most have tried your products, right? Ask them for some feedback, and what they think.

– Exchange Products

Find a rep for a non-competing business and swap products. You will need to find someone you trust to write a positive review.

– Freelancers

Some you may need to pay, but the rewards from a review can be much more that the cost of the article.

– Find Shopping Websites

Many websites online now offer to write reviews for you for free. It gives the website owner content, and you the chance to show off your best products. Mom’s Market is one of these sites, and details on how to send in your product can be found at:

Product reviews can help your business in many different ways. If you have a personal website verses a company site, the rewards are much greater.